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Light and Spirituality
By Yehuda Berg

Light is not God but the force that emanates from God, just as sunlight is not the fiery solar body that gives us life from 93 million miles.  The Lightforce is a reflection of God’s attributes and of the Spiritual Energy that radiates from His Essence.  The light will give us infinite happiness.  It gives us the desires that cannot be physically quantified. 

Momentary Pleasure vs. Lasting Fulfillment
By Yehuda Berg

But Light is just not happiness.  Light is unending happiness.  It the difference between momentary pleasure and lasting fulfillment.  Happiness should not be a moment time but continuous.   What we desire as humans cannot be quantified.  Lasting fulfillment is infinite and does not have time table attached to it.  What we seek spiritually is connected with the Light.

The Power of the Light
By Yehuda Berg

Light is a code word, a metaphor to convey the broad spectrum, of fulfillment that human beings long for.  Light contains all the “colors” of joy and fulfillment that people seek in their lives.  Our spiritual journey is a search for something greater than ourselves.  We have a desire for fulfillment that cannot be attained with temporary possessions.  By aligning ourselves Cause we are aligning ourselves with Light.  And the Light is never-ending.